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I tried to put more spotlight on the experiences of those two brothers wherever they existed. So I spent a lot of time in the gym to try to come as close as I could to his physical state.

Are there any other ways you prepared for the role? And I found that the physical hardship, the sweat that you work up in the gym, gives you a kind of clearness in your head, a kind of focus.

With this increase the lack of vertical circulation, storage space and emergency circulation became an issue that needed to be contended with.

The main thrust behind the design was to manage and integrate the transformation of a monumental structure, composed of fragments and layers dating from the 13th till first half of 20th century, into a unified space while enlarging its programmatic capacities.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead keep cold-emailing and cold-calling and trying to hook-up with everyone. He is bearing a big burden from his past – he has huge amount of guilt.And his younger brother’s health is his main occupation – that’s what drives him. And when he loses his goals he loses his moral compass and then he becomes dangerous. I don't believe in his ways of achieving his goals. What experiences or source material did you draw on for the character?NOTE: These guidelines apply only when you’re starting out.Once you get established the rules change considerably, but these rules apply to anything from starting a business, to getting a new job, to finding that special someone.That is one way in which I’d like to be more like him. And how did you feel when you found out you'd got the part? Originally I was trying out for a different role, but after my audition, Johan (Renck, the director) and Peter (Carlton, the producer) told me that it wasn’t the way they imagined that role. So I know the history of Milan, or people like Milan.


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