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When people innocently asked me how I was, I started to sob. And yet the answer I found that night completely changed the course of my life.When I started to read about codependence from the book by Beverly Berg, I unexpectedly saw myself.a codependent person," said the codependent person."I'm way too independent and responsible to depend on another person like that.No one just wakes up one day, looks at her partner and thinks that his happiness is more important than her own.Not surprisingly, in many cases, codependency has its roots in childhood.

This is because you want to hope that the other person will change and you want to support them through the change.

Below are some of the common characteristics of codependency: You don’t trust yourself and your own decisions.

You let your partner hurt you without trying to protect yourself.

My husband's painkiller habit escalated to a full-blown addiction, and at that point, sitting in that aisle, I felt myself crumbling under the weight.

Family and friends regularly told me how "strong" I was for keeping everything (including my marriage) together all these years, but I had no strength left.


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