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In 2010 several tons of gold imported into the UAE by traders and investors turned out to be fake resulting in millions of dirhams in losses.

According to, Mohamad Shakarchi, Managing Director of Emirates Gold, "a lot of people in the UAE who tried to import gold at lower prices or through dubious overseas companies have been cheated. The gold scammers claim to be established gold merchants or mining companies.

Msasa Enterprises guarantee the original source and quality of the products.

Contents 'Pamwe Chete' The story of what it took to be a Selous Scout, with introduction and commentary from Lt. Ron Reid-Daly 'Mkushi/Westland Report' - the famous 'Green Leader' external raid into Zambia 'The Saints' - the Rhodesian Light Infantry 1974 'Chimoio Report' - the external operation into Mozambique 'Chaplain to the Forces' - the Rhodesian Corps of Chaplains with the Rev.

Not just contact details, our listings also provides a profile of the company, the details of its inception, recently launched products and other vital information that should educate you of the brand or product you are using.

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Some titles are on NTSC and we can order on request.There are a lot of attractive, single people with money to spend and free time to fill in Dubai.However, Islam is the UAE’s official religion: sex outside marriage is illegal, and even public displays of affection can land the amorous in hot water.Msasa Enterprises has maintained the high standard and quality of its imagery since commencing production in 1997.Their archive material is stored on broadcast quality digital video tape and is sourced from original 16/35mm films that were graded and transferred via professional telecine.But, even though they may be well documented, there is a sucker born every minute.


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