Fast times at ridgemont high dating rules

Crowe went undercover at Clairemont High School in San Diego and wrote about his experiences.

Hand, a strict teacher who has no time for the slacker's antics.

Given advice by her uninhibited friend, Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates), Stacy gets trapped in a love triangle with nice guy Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) and his more assured buddy Mike Damone (Robert Romanus).

Meanwhile, Stacy's classmate Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), who lives for surfing and being stoned, faces off against Mr.

During the Movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High when the ticket scalper Mike Damone is giving dating tips to his buddy Mark, he tells him to put on side two of Led Zeppelin IV and that will help him get lucky on his date. Well until just recently when I decided that the message was that the guy was just a cultural idiot. Originally posted by eli_the_fanatic It is "side 1" of Led Zep IV, which has Stairway on it, and Rutner does play Physical Graffiti.

However later when they cut away to the scene and Mark has Stacy in is car do they have Led Zeppelin 2 playing in the stereo? It always bugged me out how a movie that seemed so in touch with its generation would make such a bonehead mistake. The screenplay is by Cameron Crowe, who actually covered Led Zeppeling for Rolling Stone magazine (the kid in almost famous is based on his own youthful experiences), and certainly knew what he was doing in having Rutner play the wrong Damn!


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