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We talk Year Zero, Going Big, Art Center, Soups, Building a Narrative, Hand Painted Ads, The Real S**t, The Gilmore Girls, 90's Nostalgia, Time Travel, Painting Friends, Making An Art, Teaching, an Travis Louie joins me via skype from his studio in New York.We talk Stalkers, Airplane Seat Lottery, Clown Circus, Talent or Marketing, Count Your Blessings, Perception, Joke Thievery, Age of Immigration, Financial Collapse, Socialism, Good Looking Artis Chris Haueter joins me via skype from his studio in Los Angeles.One reason you might want to learn Spanish with a Skype teacher is that it’s often less expensive than a private teacher or course would be in person.And that makes perfect sense—the teacher or tutor doesn’t have to travel to a specific destination or even leave his/her living room.Below are other ways of staying in touch using the internet—one uses voice and one uses writing. They can take their time talking because Skype is free.You will probably need to ask for help to download these programs. Listen Skype is a program that allows you to talk to friends and family on your computer. It is great for talking to people who live far away because it is free. You will need a microphone and speakers to do this. However you choose to contact us, you're in control.

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We talk Alien Workshop, Skateboarding Rebirths, Your Own Heros, Work Ethic, Commercial vs Personal, Galleries, Over Population, Painting Nerves, Grammy Award Winner, One Hitter, Going Down In Flame Michael Alvarez joins me via skype from his studio in LA.Stephanie Buer joins me via skype from her studio in Portland.We talk LFP Show, Drilling Wells, Mega Quakes, Detail Oriented, Hiking and Sitting, Outdoor Fear, Detroit, Hunting, Cowspiracy, Lucky Charms, Trail Mix, and Doing The Hard Work First Nicomi Turner joins me via skype from her studio in Oakland.We talk Making Mistakes, Flojos, Namesake, Periscopes, Digitial Reality, Missed Experience, Emily the Strange Connections To Nature, Baddass Ranch Girls, Drawing, Mythologies, The Female Experie Eric Yevak joins me via skype from his studio in Minneapolis.We talk Straight Edge Porn, Addiction, Earned Arrogance, Never Remembering, Holidays, Dooms Day Decisions, This Is Your Life, Other People's Fights, Fighting Skinheads, Blinded By The Light, Fe Christopher Konecki joins me via skype from his studio in San Diego.Learning through online video chat can feel like finding a magical unicorn in your backyard. While you can improve your Spanish with Skype in general, you should try to get the most you can out of online Spanish lessons.


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