History of dating in 1818

If this variant spelling existed a century before Tolkien used it, he couldn’t very well have created it.

Second, and with more weight and importance, is what Tolkien himself had to say on the matter.

The settlement, dating to 1818 and incorporating in 1887 as Leeds, has existed along the banks of the Little Cahaba River; beside an historic stagecoach road; and along two live railroads for the larger part of American history.

(Continued on other side) Reverse: (Continued from other side) James Hamilton, a Scottish-Irish American veteran of the War of 1812 and first sheriff of Shelby County, settled at Cedar Grove in 1818. 0.4 miles away); Jonathan Bass House Museum ( approx.

I am also involved with the work of the International Standards Organization (ISO) on standards related to records management and archives, representing Ireland via the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

The pleasures of fine food and drink and the ambiance of old luxury make The Stony Hill Inn one of the truly unique restaurants in Bergen County NJ.

The Stony Hill Inn possesses a rich history dating back to 1694, when the land for this estate was conveyed to Hendrick Hopper. Hopper chose a site on high ground commanding an unobstructed panorama of the countryside and, together with his wife Maria, built the house that stands today as home to one of the finest restaurants Bergen County NJ has to offer.

By 1887, the original railroad pioneers included free African American settlers who came to work at the Leeds cement plant and the Central of Georgia as well as the Georgia Pacific railroads. Pleasant Church where a handful of freed slaves had founded Scott City.

Hillard Holley, Ciscero Davis, Jeff Harris and Bill Johnson started Leeds Negro/Primary School in 1921.


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