Light fixture updating

Swapping out an old, outdated light fixture adds instant appeal and value to your home, and it isn't hard to do.If you're a novice do-it-yourselfer, don't be intimidated by working around electricity.We don’t jump or stand on it so it shouldn’t be a problem, but we did build a narrow sofa table behind it so whenever we go to put stuff in or out of that storage compartment we have to be extra careful.Luckily the light fixture in the hallway comes down from the ceiling so it’s higher than the other two light fixtures with exposed bulbs, but I probably should have made each arm a tad shorter so that it wouldn’t get so close to the sliding bathroom door, which brings me to my next tip….” says Jessica Sutton, lead curator for Dot & Bo, a design inspiration and home décor company.For decorative lights, you’ll have to make sure you're OK with anything you choose playing second fiddle to the main light source.I am not sure what color they will be next, but I will make my decision soon.

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It’s fun picking stuff out but then it’s even more fun when it GETS HERE and you get to SEE it in REAL LIFE. Here’s a random i Phone photo I took when my living room rug got delivered! First off, not every decision you make will work out.

This is a weekend project that can be done by even the most inexperienced homeowner.

If there’s one question we get asked the most about our tiny home on wheels, it would be how the heck did we update our RV interior lighting? Check out the video – Quick Tip: How to Update RV Light Fixtures: Measure, Measure, Measure My advice when it comes to installing light fixtures in your RV is to measure, measure, measure!

And as I’m writing this, it still blows my mind that I bought a house (WHAT?!

) but at the same time, I’ve been saving for over a year so it’s not crazy of a surprise (BUT STILL). The first thing I did in my living room was add some shelves to either side of my fire place.


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