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We see Kiesha on a date with Ben, an imbecile who looks like a young cute Michael Bolton. and Rachel, a TV sports producer who’s having twins. y’know…” And he stopped calling her before she was showing, so now good luck. Princess wants to set her up with a friend who is 51. However Melissa, who always wanted a child and even tried artificial insemination, is coping with the fact that her ex-boyfriend has chosen to jet around the world with another woman instead of being there for the birth; Nail technician, Megan, of Orange County, CA, who found herself "with child" after too much tequila - the father wants to be involved, but her preference is to go at it alone; and Los Angeles television producer, Rachel who is pregnant with twins by her much younger ex-boyfriend.Refusing to accept stereotypes, these women thoughtfully manage a combination of active hormones, overbearing families, inattentive fathers-to-be and a slew of dates both rocky and redeeming, as they put together their most modern of families.Visit com for sneak peeks, scene pulls, and hear from the women firsthand in their video bios.

She is a Tony award-winning musical theatre actress.

Plus, check out Rachel's full story in a transmedia web series exclusively on

See the first part of her story each week on Pregnant & Dating.

She was the first ever captain of the school's Glee Club, the New Directions, having later recruited Finn Hudson as a co-captain in Mattress.

She was one of the three major self-proclaimed divas of the club: the others being two of her closest friends, Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones. She was raised by her two gay fathers, Le Roy and Hiram Berry, and was able to meet her biological mother Shelby Corcoran, the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline in Theatricality, due to the efforts of her now husband, Jesse St. Rachel is very competitive and often flaunts her "diva" behavior by demanding the spotlight and being the center of attention, due to her dream of performing on Broadway.


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