R java not updating automatically

I’ve just come across a rather irritating habit of the ADT toolset for Eclipse and thought I’d share it.If you get a red line under “R” in a reference to a layout, string or id, (e.g.Furthermore, I imported this module into Android Studio From an ADT Eclipse project.To compare, I created a new Project from Android Studio, not an imported one.Please note, I'm very much a beginner at Eclipse so I may not understand the consequences of deleting but it seems to be working well for me so far. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

So does a new project, as long there is no change needed in the file.

Concerning my project imported from Eclipse with ADT, I finally noticed that the R file in the gen directory (inherited from the Eclipse projet and configured as generation directory in the Android Facet of my Android Studio Projet), is just a stub and doesn't contains the code available at the compile time.

In fact, the generated elements are available in the code suggestions when coding and the Android Studio module compiles well.

Android Studio doesn't seems to log any error message when I build the module.

I have also seen similar questions but mainly for Eclipse and I didn't find answers for Android Studio 0.4.2.


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