Radiometric dating of the siloam tunnel jerusalem

The debate, however, is not likely to subside, for archaeology is a field notable for its lengthy quarrels among partisans, however scientific they may be.

Therefore, vigilance should be the modus operandi of the entire field, as the great Joseph Naveh of Hebrew University often reminded us (e.g., his BASOR 247 [1982] article “Some Recently Forged Inscriptions,” his JNES 27 [1968] article “Aramaic Dubiosa,” and his IEJ 48 [1998] article with Israel Eph’al on the Moussaieff Ostraca) and as the great Frank Moore Cross reminded us (with his Orientalia 37 [1968] article on the forged Phoenician Inscription from Brazil and his IEJ 53 [2003] article on the Jehoash Inscription). That doesn’t necessarily change things all that much, but it is important, for a number of (fairly obvious, I think) reasons.SEE ALSO The Flood Creation Days The Heavens Their Kind In Our Image It Is Finished Adam Named Surely Die The Curse Rain Ararat ALL is ??Chronology Babel Ur Kasdim Sodom Dragons The Nations Archaeology Easter Joshua Translations Volcanoes Varves Atm.The creation proclaims the glory and righteousness of God (Ps. –20), but one need not be a believer in the God of the Bible in order to accurately study it.In fact, Paul uses creation as a means to point the nonbeliever to the Creator.C’est en juin 1880 que l’inscription fut découverte, par hasard, par un jeune baigneur qui s’était aventuré, une bougie à la main, dans les premiers mètres du tunnel qui amène l’eau à la piscine de Siloé.


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