Religions predating christianity I n c e s t free chat

Check out Vatican Square- the Egyptian obelisk in the middle of the Satanic wheel of the year: One must do enough research and all of the lies will be exposed.

The famous Vatican Staircase: Here is the DNA vortex and spiral of the kundalini serpent: Here is another one of the ceiling of the Vatican Staircase- NOTE THE DESIGN OF THE RUNIC GALDOR STAVES, YET THE THE DRUIDS AND OTHER PAGAN PRIESTS WERE MASS MURDERED BY THE INQUISITION; THE PENALTY FOR USING RUNES WAS AUTOMATIC DEATH: Note all of the Egyptian Gods in the Vatican Museum.

But there's no good evidence for any part of this fable.

“Atheism is, of course, a Greek word,” he explained.THESE GODS WOUND UP IN WHAT IS KNOWN AS “THE GOETIA” IN THE JEWISH WRITTEN GRIMOIRES OF BLASPHEMY. More photos of Pagan Gods in the Vatican: Apollo (Many images of Apollo, such as the one below were passed off as the nazarene) Many images passed off and assumed to be the nazarene contain a male figure with a halo either with the rays as shown in the above photo, or four quadrants depicting the crown and temple chakras.PEOPLE HAVE BEEN INDOCTRINATED TO BELIEVE THESE ARE OF THE NAZARENE, WHEN IN REALITY, ALL THEY ARE OF IS A MODEL OF A HUMAN MALE WITH HIS KUNDALINI ASCENDED. THIS CONCEPT WAS STOLEN FROM PAGAN GODS AND IS OF SATAN- THE RISEN KUNDALINI IS WHAT IS TERMED TO BE “RAISING THE DEVIL.” Once everyone understands the real meaning of all of those symbols, the veil is dropped and the Jews can no longer pull off their bullshit. Listening to religious people, you'd hear how people need religion's instructions, or else we'd be morally clueless.God comes first, then God's Law comes to humanity, and only then can people be good.If one cares to do the necessary research, it is obvious that nearly everything the Vatican has, has been STOLEN.


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