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There are situations with which many young people are all too familiar.

Police are taking sexual molestation seriously, specifically among young people.

Police in Sweden are distributing colored bracelets as a means of engaging young people and raising awareness about unwanted sexual advances.

Swedish police did not create or distribute the bracelets in an attempt to dissuade refugees from raping Swedish women.

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Another super-cool advantage of wearing the bracelets — besides clearly providing a shroud of protection from rapists &mdas; is that it can “draw attention to the issue of sexual assault and urge those affected to report.”It is unclear how effective the wristbands, which read “don’t touch me” in Swedish, will be in preventing attacks, as the majority of sex attack perpetrators are thought to be recent migrants who are unlikely to be able to read them.

Such articles linked to a June 2016 press release issued by police in Sweden.

But the press release pertained to unwanted sexual advances among youth, it didn’t target rape, migrants, or linguistic barriers that might inhibit the bracelets’ effectiveness: Groping is a crime. And a police report if you have been a victim,” said national police chief Dan Eliasson.

In summer, the police use the bracelet to initiate conversations with young people about the problem. A hand tucked between the legs, a hug from behind in the crush at a club or a festival, a person who holds another while a third fondles their breasts, sexual pictures shown or sent to someone who has not asked for them.


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