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In most cases you should update to the latest version of the firmware that is available from your manufacturer.The release notes for each release will describe the bug fixes for each release and will help you decide if you need to update.Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

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In most cases you can revert back to a previous version of your System BIOS if the new version is causing problems for you.The website for your PC manaufacturer should have the latest System BIOS for your PC.Sometimes the manufacturer will combine the System BIOS and Intel ME firmware updates into one download package. You can install codecs from various packages available online. It did not complete because it said there was "unicows.dll'l file missing. It did manage to install the program shortcut and I left it there. Aunt Na Sorry, I forgot to tell you about Unicode layer. Type "C:\Windows\System" without quotes and press OK. could not find the download button on the file hippos site that you provided the link to. I've had problems with it saying that with Flash Player Beta (IE) it says Windows (All Versions) but it won't install because of wrong operating system, Win98SE. And I finally figured out the how to use the download button of the File Hippo page. We shall see which setup gets results first on my friend's ME computer. Dont worry, you can play video fine without updating them. I took it to my friend's computer and tried to install it. I found the one that is the setup file (icon is a cone) and got it started. I used the free FLV Player download from this site. I will try these other steps that you recommend and see what results I get. Now it says the last version to me used in Windows (All Versions) is VLC Media Player 0.8.6f, 9.28MB. I am also planning to eventually upgrade the WMP 7 to the WMP 9 and update the codec pack for it.Do I need to download earlier versions of WMP and build up to one that will be compatible? Since she is not on the internet I will have to transfer all updates via a flash drive or other means.


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