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To validate the editor contents, check the value contained in the Editor. If the value is invalid for the cell, set the Cancel parameter to true and the grid will remain in edit mode until the user types a valid entry.Could someone please explain to me, in words of one syllable or less, how I get the Validating event to fire for a form.One of the seven "functional application blocks" in that free resource provides validation.

Inside the datarepeater drag the Product Name, Unit Price, and Units in stock fields.

You have to figure out what your app needs and write the code to detect it. NET gives you the tools that allow you to place code where it will do the job and then calls it. If you ask users to enter the Zip Code, you should make sure that they don't enter their last name instead.

It's worth investing in some analysis to decide what's right for your system.

If the server performs validation, the user must wait for an entire round-trip to see and correct errors.

When the MDI child form loads, there are a few file validation procedures.


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