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As if the outside of the home wasn't enough of a sight to see, the inside may be even better.Interior designer Ray Booth crafted the perfect naturalistic decor that speaks for itself."Sure, she's a Grammy-winning glamour gal, but Faith Hill is just a working wife and mom at heart.She's famous for her red-carpet style, but she's happiest in a T-shirt and jeans.

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After laying down the property's infrastructure, construction workers got down to business to fulfill the designers' vision: something encapsulating the idea that "in paradise, you live in ways you can't live in civilization." This vision came to fruition in the form of a sprawling compound with eight "pavilions," which are all connected by open-air passageways.After 16 years of marriage it looks like the union of Faith Hill and Tim Mc Graw is truly being tested.Both famed country stars have been dogged by rumors of infidelity and it has reached a point where in order to stay together, Faith has resorted to trying to change nearly everything about the man that she married. 2nd print edition of , Faith recently demanded that Tim put his Nashville ranch on the market – which for him was like the kiss of death to their struggling relationship.Tim already got himself sober and cut out all of the friends that Faith perceived to be negative, including Kenny Chesney.She also keeps close tabs on her man and has absolute meltdowns whenever she hears that Tim has befriended any woman no matter how innocent the situation may be.beach house — they wanted a whole damn island, and it only took a modest nine years to build their picture-perfect getaway from the ground up.


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