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Her looks are very seductive, and her presentations skills are phenomenal.

She is none other than the very pretty Juliet Huddy.

On 23rd of January 2009, Juliet got married to Doug Barrett.

She was happy to have her as her loving husband but she also got divorced with him few years later.

In 1987, Juliet completed her high school graduation from Langley High School and then she joined University of Missouri and majored in political science.

She began her journalist career as a reporter and producer at KARO-FM.

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Everyone adores and loves her work, and there are very fewer chances of her getting fired. There are some rumors of her having a plastic surgery, but they are never confirmed.Edit Born as Juliet Ann Marie Huddy in Miami Beach, Florida, United States of America to Erica Huddy and John Huddy, Juliet was raised in upper middle class family. Edit In 1987, Juliet completed her high school graduation from Langley High School.Unfortunately Juliet Huddy personal life is not as successful as her professional life.Juliet has been involved with multiple men and today Married Wiki has covered all that you want to know about her relationship history.After leaving the Fox Network in 2016, Juliet Huddy told something that shook the country.When she denied his requests he would threaten her that he will destroy her career.


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