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He trains them, educates them and scolds them regardless of their age, a way of living which is endangered when life forces them into the outside world."There are things I wouldn't do or say in his way exactly, but he promotes complete honesty and disclosure about any subject: sex, death, the body - and he promotes curiosity and self-sufficiency.But it depends on your approach."For a time, Mortensen, now 57, had a stint as poster-boy for an entire generation of younger film-watchers thanks to the role of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003).

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Ben lives in the wild with his six children isolated from a society plagued with fast food, video games and disrespect.Mortensen offered a strong turn as a rebellious inmate in Renny Harlin's "Prison" (1988) and was effective as a returning soldier in "The Reflecting Skin" (1991).Sean Penn cast him as another veteran, this time with a violent streak, in "The Indian Runner" (also 1991) while Brian De Palma gave him the part of a wheelchair-bound snitch in "Carlito's Way" (1993). After a turn as the Devil who battles Christopher Walken's angel Gabriel in "The Prophecy" (also 1995), the actor began to be considered for meatier roles.“I’ve already done, like, I don’t know how many hundred interviews in the last two days.But it’s a nice, kind of unreal feeling to be here.” Out of place doesn’t even begin to cover it.Publicists, journalists, and trays of grilled sandwiches circulate around us.


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